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Drug and Alcohol Collection Technician Certification Courses. 


DOT Urine Drug Collector Certification

This course covers DOT drug testing requirements, regulations, difficult collections and all testing requirements. Taught by DATIA Certified Professional Collector Trainers this course will provide testers with the knowledge and skills required to navigate Federal DOT collections

8 Hours, Includes Mock Collections, all training supplies and DOT paperwork and 24 hour collection support with TestTech OTS 

Valid for 5 Years

DOT Breath Alcohol Technician Certification

Covers all DOT Breath Alcohol testing requirements. Technicians will be required to have an understanding of their own devices (please let TestTech OTS know what device you will be using beforehand, BA devices may need to be brought to training). Technicians will understand how to prepare, administer and troubleshoot testing as required by US DOT. 4 Hours Course

Urine and Breath Alcohol Non-DOT Certification Course

Training covers the use of dip panels, SVT (Specimen Validity Testing) and lab testing procedures. This testing is not federally regulated and each testing company may have slightly different testing protocols. You will learn how to read a POCT panel, read a SVT strip and package samples for lab based testing. You will also learn how to complete Alcohol testing according to non-DOT protocols.  This course is great to expand your knowledge past DOT testing as most testing in Canada will be Non-DOT. 

*You may have to complete individual training for other testing providers based on their specific testing protcols. 


Audiometic Technician  and Spirometry Technician  Practical Exam Administrator

Carlee Beniuk is a Certified Audiometric Technician (2013) and Certified Spiromety Technician (2014).  She is able to administer and oversee practical examinations for the Grant Macewan Technician Courses. Please contact us if you require this service. 

Courses will be offered at the clients request in the requested area.

Drug and Alcohol Training Courses will be offered with groups ranging from 1-15 persons per company/per day More than 15 require multiple days.  

Please Contact Us to confirm pricing and training course details. 

You may also contact us at 780-991-7983 or

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