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Drug and Alcohol Testing Consent Form
I understand I am required to provide a Urine and/or Oral Fluid Specimen which will be used to screen for drug metabolites as required by my employer.
I understand that my specimen may be forwarded to an approved laboratory for further analysis as required by my employer
I understand I am required to provide a Breath sample to screen for ethanol and determine blood alcohol concentration.
I am consenting to the workplace drug and alcohol testing as required by my employer and understand all results will be recorded and reported to the approppriate respresentatives within the organization.
I understand that by completing this form I declare that consent has been given voluntarily and I assume any and all risks associated with the testing being adminstered. I understand that TestTech Occupational Testing Solutions Inc is a service provider for my employer and that TestTech OTS Inc does not determine employment or provide a recomendation to hire.

Thank you for submitting, If you have any additional questions please contact us at

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