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In House Drug and Alcohol Testing Set Up

At TestTech Occupational Testing Solutions our goal comprises 3 key Points:


Simplify the drug and alcohol testing process for employers by increasing access to drug and alcohol testing onsite. 

Ensure quality testing with 24 hour testing technician support

Reduce standby time when emergency testing is required by no longer having to wait for a technician to arrive to site or for an employee to be transported off site for testing. 

Companies that adopt an in house testing program fulfill all 3 of these goals. Employers are no longer dealing with wait times and multiple phone calls to get into testing facilities, their employees are not stuck waiting hours at a testing facility, or waiting to go to work if a testing facility can not accommodate testing for multiple days and when post incident or reasonable suspicion testing is required there is no excess standby time for yourselves or the client due to staff shortages, logistics or waiting on a tester to arrive at site. 

TestTech OTS oversees and maintains ownership of your drug and alcohol testing program, we train your staff to be certified collection technicians that are able to conduct screening tests. Employees that are negative are cleared as Fit for Duty, employees that are non-negative or inconclusive  are restricted from site until their sample gets confirmation testing at the HHS certified laboratory.


The quality of testing is the same as going to a testing facility, the time and cost is cut significantly.  This program is ideal for Random, Post Incident and Reasonable Suspicion testing but can be tailored to meet your companies specific testing needs. 

Please Contact TestTech OTS to discuss your companies requirements and find out if this program is right for you at


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