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Training and Courses

Drug and Alcohol Education Training for Employees

TestTech OTS offers drug and alcohol awareness training  for employees at all levels. This course outlines signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse as well as employee responsibilities and employer rights with drug testing. Everyone plays a roll in worksite safety, lets ensure they are educated on drug and alcohol use on the worksite. 

1.5-2.0 Hour course created around industry best practice, human rights regulations and  your company drug and alcohol policy .  Onsite Training completed at company site or at the TestTech OTS training sites in Camrose or Sylvan Lake AB.

Valid 1 Year

Marijuana in the Workplace

As the legalization of Marijuana becomes imminent it is crucial that employers and employees understand the repercussions of use, and the rights of each party. This course outlines rights and responsibilities of each party but can be customized to the audience (employees or employers). Duration will range from 2-3 hours depending on required course content. 

Courses will be offered with groups ranging from 1-25 persons/per session More than 25 require multiple sessions.

Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors, Managers, HSE, Owners

Training to provide direct reports with the knowledge, education and documents to legally request a Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Test. The direct report will fully understand when RS testing can be conducted, what steps need to be taken if/when concerns of drug or alcohol use on the worksite have arose and how to ethically administer testing to ensure full compliance with human rights regulations and industry standards. 

4 Hours 

Limit of 10 people per session

Valid for 1 Year

Custom Information Session 

Custom tailored information session perfect for a luncheon, new employee orientation, conferences or meetings. Each session is tailored to the clients specific request.  We are able to speak on multiple topics including but not limited to, Drug and Alcohol Testing Ethics, Why Drug and Alcohol Testing is Important, Being a Compliant Employee, Understanding The Drug and Alcohol Testing Process Start-Finish, How to Ensure Your Drug and Alcohol Program is Compliant.  Employers- Positive Tests and Prescription Drugs. 

1 Hour 

Please Contact Us to confirm pricing and training course details. 

Courses will be offered at the clients request in the requested area or at the TestTech OTS training site in Camrose AB

You may also contact us at 780-991-7983 or




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